Hera’s preclinical oncology products & services seamlessly integrate into and enhance existing programs from basic research and target discovery to lead optimization and development. In vitro and in vivo gene editing using our core platforms piggyBac transposase and Cas-CLOVER enable genetic model creation. Cancer cell lines and patient derived xenografts (PDX) models can be screened in vitro or engrafted into the OncoRat, a unique fully SCID rat offering a reliable, efficient & robust complement to mouse xenograft models. OncoRat consistently demonstrates high efficiency and desirable uniformity in tumor model growth profiles. Larger sample sizes enable robust downstream analysis and pairs well with nonclinical rat safety models, reducing the need for cross-species assessment. Our unique immuno-oncology services are currently offered in the NSG mouse while we continue to develop a humanized rat on the SRG platform.

SRG OncoRat

SRG OncoRat, developed using Hera Biolabs’ gene editing technology, is a SCID rat on the Sprague-Dawley background that harbors a double knockout in the Rag2 and Il2rgamma genes. Reliable, Efficient & Robust, OncoRat is provided off-the-shelf to your lab from our colony at Charles River Labs with VAF/Elite health status.

In vivo Services

Hera provides comprehensive xenograft efficacy services using the platform SRG OncoRat and in some cases NSG mice and other mouse tumor models. Dozens of cancer cell lines and PDX models have been validated for immediate screening in OncoRat. We also routinely establish new tumor models for our clients.

PDX Model Establishment

Robust PDX model establishment services are available with a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) case study presrnted. PDXs in the OncoRat allow for larger tumor volume growth, over 20,000 mm3 in the first passage (P0) in the rat, which provides an ample source of tissue for characterization and/or subsequent passage (P1) into OncoRat for drug efficacy studies.

PDX Model Collections

We provide complete efficacy services as well as tumor models off-the-shelf using a published collection of 31 Ovarian and 21 Endometrial PDX models.  Different ethnic backgrounds, RNA-seq and mouse data are included, displaying varying sensitivities to platinum-based therapies has been utilized in the discovery of key characteristics and potential interventions.

In vitro Services

In vitro screening and genome edited cell line services. While custom gene editing in cancer cell lines are used for target identification and mechanism elucidation, screening compounds in vitro can optimize leads going into further development.

In vivo Immuno-oncology Services

Use standardized humanized mouse models OR your specific donor whether it be HLA matching or engineered cells for immuno-oncology studies using CD34+ humanized NSG mice.