Hera Biolabs will be presenting xenograft, PDX, and humanization of the immune system data from our new immunodeficient OncoRat SRG model at the up coming AACR 2018 Annual Meeting.



Title: The SRG Rat™: A novel SCID rat for humanization studies

Title: Translational Therapeutics in Cancer Models 1

Date and Time: Monday Apr 16, 2018 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Exhibit Hall A, Poster Section 6, #12, Booth #1240

Abstract Number: 1155



Title: The OncoRat SRG is a SCID rat enabling cell line & PDX models not feasible in mouse and humanization of the immune system for immuno-oncology

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 17th, at 3:00 pm Theater C



About the OncoRat SRG:

OncoRat SRG is a Sprague-Dawley rat with knockouts for Rag2 and Il2rgamma genes resulting in lack of B-, T-, & NK-cells. This enhanced immunodeficient rat model has a severely impaired immune system. The SRG rat overcomes limitations of mouse models such as NSG mice and the less immunodeficient Nude rat. For example, the SRG rat enables tumor cell line xenograft models that were previously inefficient or not feasible in mouse models. Tumor take rates & growth are superior to mouse, consistently eliminating study failures while reducing animal numbers (i.e. VCaP prostate, H358 NSCLC). Tumors grow ~10x larger enabling PDX establishment in a single passage, shortening timelines and providing more translational studies. The OncoRat model provides the following advantages:

  • Fewer animals, lower costs
  • More human-like pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • Efficacy, toxicity and PK in one animal
  • Larger samples and easier surgeries

To see the data for each of these advantages, attend our AACR events listed above or request more Information from HERE.


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