Our team at Hera has over 10 years’ experience in engineering mouse and rat models using a variety of gene editing technologies and methods. For example, the generation of an immunodeficient rat model with a functional deletion of the Rag2 gene, the SDR™ rat, was made possible by targeting rat stem cells with site-specific nuclease TALEN technology. Hera’s flagship SRG™ rat, a Rag2/Il2rg double knockout, was generated using CRISPR technology in rat embryos. Another rat model we created harbors a ~60kb deletion of the entire rat Cyp2d6 cluster and has the potential to be used in drug metabolism studies. Multiple CRISPRs targeted both ends of the cluster in rat embryos to generate this large deletion. Hera utilizes these same technologies and skills to provide our clients with the custom generation of genetically engineered animal models.

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In addition to transgenic model creation Hera has expertise with in vivo gene delivery to the liver. Utilizing viral delivery in combination with the piggyBac transposon system to achieve high efficiency stable gene delivery without the time and cost of germline model creation. These models can be used for liver disease model creation as well as gene therapy efficacy and toxicity testing.

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