Due to its ease of use and high efficiency, the CRISPR/Cas9 system is rapidly becoming the prevalent system for genetic manipulation of cell and animal models. Numerous studies have demonstrated its efficacy in creating knockouts, deletions and mutations. Perhaps the largest drawback of the CRISPR/Cas9 system is the high “off-target” mutation rate. Hera’s alternative high-precision Cas-CLOVER gene editing technology overcomes the drawbacks of CRISPR as it has shown little-to-no off-target activity and, while maintaining high efficiency (1), ease of use and is backed by issued patents. Hera BioLabs offers licenses to this technology for drug discovery & early development.


  • Specific and targeted – displays no to very low unwanted “off-target” mutations(1)
  • High efficiency – ~50-80%+ on-target mutagenesis rate, multiplexed editing is efficient
  • No known IP entanglements or legal uncertainty that may exist with other gene editing technologies (i.e. CRISPR)

Xianghong Li et al. Cas-CLOVER™: A High-Fidelity Genome Editing System for Safe and Efficient Modification of Cells for Immunotherapy. 2018 Precision CRISPR Congress Poster Presentation, Boston, MA