About Us

Hera Biolabs, Inc., based in Lexington, KY is an innovative pre-clinical contract services, products & licensing company. Our mission is to use cutting-edge gene-editing technologies to accelerate pre-clinical research and drug development.

Using our gene editing tools, Hera built the SRG™ platform, a double knockout Sprague-Dawley rat engineered for T-cell, B-cell, and NK cell deficiency. Our first SRG model is the SRG OncoRat®, larger and a valuable complement and in some cases alternative to oncology studies in mice, OncoRat is uniquely suited for xenograft oncology studies given its excellent tumor take-rates and smooth transition from efficacy to safety.  Animal studies are conducted by our experienced staff in our on-site vivarium that features a dual HEPA-filtered, disposable IVC rodent caging system.

We’re continuing to use our proprietary Cas-CLOVER CRISPR system and piggyBac gene-editing technologies and know-how to expand our robust pipeline of models and services.  Our current animal models creation efforts are supporting immuno-oncology with a humanized SRG Model – the ImmunoRat™ and in pharmacology and toxicology with a humanized hepatocyte SRG Model – HepatoRat™.

Hera spun-out of Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals in 2014. Transposagen had a successful track record of developing advanced gene editing technologies leading to multiple spinouts and technology sales including Poseida Therapeutics & Demeetra AgBio. Hera owns expanded rights to piggyBac and Cas-CLOVER for preclinical drug discovery and early development applications, including products, services and licensing.  Now these advanced technologies are combined at Hera where an experienced staff with expert knowledge in gene editing and animal services operate in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure acceleration of your drug discovery and development efforts.

Our History


Hera spun-out of Transposagen. Licenses obtained for gene editing technology. Development of SRG Platform begins; Completion of a 10,000 ft2 facility; Scientific team assembled with in vivo efficacy & toxicity capabilities


SRG Platform validated and first tumor models & efficacy studies in the OncoRat; Begin offering In vivo toxicity studies in humanized liver mice


Successful launch of the OncoRat and xenograft services. Key tumor model development VCaP & LNCaP prostate, H358 lung xenografts. First PDX model establishment in SRG.


Continued expansion of OncoRat applications in tumor models. Continue development of ImmunoRat & HepatoRat.

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