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AKIN Fertility Foundation advocates for equal benefits for people using alternative conception techniques-whether it’s individuals struggling with infertility, the LGBTQ community, or those looking to proactively freeze eggs and sperm.
Today, there are more options than ever before to create a family. IVF, egg freezing, traditional adoption, embryo adoption, and surrogacy are just a few of the opportunities available for hopeful parents. But, with these advancements and choices, an unfortunate truth remains: public policy and insurance benefits have largely not kept up with these advances.
The result? An unequal playing field for those who require assistance having a family. From prohibitive financial costs to lesser and limited benefits to the parents of non-traditional births, there remains much to be done to reduce the stigma and provide equal benefits for those who need assistance.


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We work to advocate for equal benefits for those who need assistance with fertility


AKIN was founded by a couple who struggled with fertility for 12 years and tried nearly every modern and alternative method available before becoming parents via surrogacy in 2017.

Knowing all too well how difficult reliable fertility information and resources are to find, they partnered with America’s top fertility experts to provide a trusted source that will help give you your best chances of success. Struggling is hard, finding help and getting answers shouldn’t have to be.

AKIN Fertility Foundation works with business leaders and policy makers to ensure today’s laws and insurance policies afford equal benefits to those who need assistance having a family.

The AKIN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization